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The Wholeness Work: A Complete Individual Session


Video download, 1hr 20 min.

The Wholeness Work is a new set of methods that offers a simple and direct way to work with "life troubles" that fundamentally changes who we are and how we are oriented in the world. It was developed by modeling an esoteric spiritual teaching into a precise and doable method. Yet this process is taught and used without need for any spiritual beliefs or understandings — it is just direct experience.

You can learn more about The Wholeness Work here, or learn about live trainings here.

This session gives a wonderful example of how to use the Wholeness Work with ourselves, or with our clients. Connirae works with the life issue Sarah brings in — she is finding pregnancy very difficult, feeling overwhelmed and unable to do even simple things like cooking dinner. Sarah has no background information about the process, so Connirae sets the frames needed to fully experience and benefit.

You will see how this simple method makes a substantial positive change for Sarah. This session also shows the beginning of how to teach someone to use this method as a life practice.

What Should I Get First?

We recommend that people new to The Wholeness Work either get the online video training first, or attend a live training before watching this client session video. That’s because once you have all the frames and some practice with the method, watching a complete demonstration will allow you to "go along" with the client and get more benefits at an unconscious level. But you could also get this video first if you just wanted to see what it was all about before committing to the video course or a live training.

Who Will Benefit from Watching this Video?

If you want to get the full benefit of the Wholeness Work in your own life, this video offers an inspiring set of demonstrations. As you watch and listen, you can "go along for the ride." It is a good companion to the streaming video training at and/or in person training in this method.

If you are a therapist or coach, this individual session will make it much easier for you to be effective with others. While each client is different (and Connirae makes slightly different adaptations for each individual), this session is an excellent resource in seeing how to present the material to someone without any background, and get results...especially after you’ve been trained live or gone through the online training materials.

How is this different from the 2 Day Wholeness Training (live and on streaming video)?

The 2 Day Wholeness Training will teach you the Wholeness methods, in depth. Each topic is covered more completely. In the individual session, Connirae includes the frames and guidance that’s relevant for one particular person.

The Wholeness Individual Session shows you how to frame things for an individual client, from start to finish, for someone with no background. There are differences in how things need to be done when working with an individual, to create the reference experiences needed.

"I had a client today and guided her through the multi layers of ‘I’ in about 20 minutes. It works!!! ... It’s a beautiful process deserving to be disseminated widely!"
—Cherng-Horng Lan, Taiwan, Aroma NLP Coach

The Wholeness Individual Session also offers a great example to "hitchhike" on, for those wanting individual change. It is rich with opportunities for unconscious learning.

The Individual Session includes the methods on Day 1 of the Wholeness Training only. None of the methods taught on Day 2 are included in that session. The Day 2 methods build on learnings from the Day 1 methods, and aren’t the place to start when doing individual client work. However Day 2 methods are extremely impactful.

To have access to Day 2 methods, get the 2 Day Wholeness Training at

Here’s How to Get Your Video

This HD quality video file is 1.6GB and in standard .mp4 format. This is a very large file, so please make sure you have room on your hard drive.

The video is 1 hour, 20 minutes in length, and available exclusively as a digital download (our shopping cart for digital files goes offsite to Digital Product Delivery and PayPal). Not available on DVD.

Note: do not download directly to an iPad or smartphone.

If you want to watch the video on a smartphone or iPad, download the file to a desktop or laptop computer first, then move it over to your mobile device. Downloading directly to a mobile device will cause problems.

Get this unique video for $39.

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