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Trainer Materials Packet for Core Transformation


Core Transformation Trainer Materials Packet

Now you can get a huge “jump start” in offering high-quality, and successful Core Transformation trainings. The beginning trainer will find this kit offers a clear and easy-to-use training plan-saving countless hours of prep time. The advanced trainer will find the depth you want, to go beyond your current level in both artistry and in advanced understandings and training options.

We make this available through licensing agreement, rather than selling it through this e-store. Read on for details about what it includes and how to order:

The Training Design you’ll receive gives you a complete, ready-to-go 3-Day Training, with approximately 1 Day on Aligning Perceptual Positions, a powerfully impactful method for enhancing & improving our relationships through coming to wholeness within. This is by far the most detailed material on this method that is available.

Here’s what you will receive:

1) Trainer Manual: Newly revised and expanded, this manual is the culmination of years of experience and experimentation. You can benefit from Connirae and Tamara’s years of training this material — start with the training wisdom they gleaned from over 100 trainings world-wide.

2) Example Training on CD: You’ll receive a full 3-day Core Transformation training taught by Connirae. It is unedited (except to exclude logistics and noise), so you get the actual flow of the live training. Comes with Connirae’s detailed annotation — Each training is divided into content-related tracks, so you can easily access a particular demo, group process, or discussion. Connirae adds her comments on why she makes certain training choices, and even what she would do differently.

3) Bonus Training on CD: You will receive an extra complete CT Training on CD. This is one of Connirae’s earlier trainings, which she selected because it is with an advanced group and includes teaching points she and Tamara don’t often cover in a live training. (Also annotated for your easy referencing.)

4) Example Free Preview on CD: Use this presentation to create your own compelling “CT Sampler” to interest people in attending your CT Trainings. You’ll hear Connirae introduce CT to a business audience in one hour. We have found this “free sampler” approach the most effective marketing.

5) CT Participant Manual: You’ll receive ready-to-print PDF files of our exceptional Core Transformation Participant Manual, along with rights to use this finely-tuned resource for all of your live trainings. Again, you get the benefit of the careful and precise wordsmithing Connirae & Tamara have done over several decades, with contributions from the CT Training Team. With this manual, exercises go smoothly — participants have a clear and easy-to-follow resource that has been tested to produce the best results for the widest range of people.

(If you teach in another language, you’ll have rights to translate this material.)

6) Assistant Guidelines (Brief Manual): You’ll have this excellent resource, written by Tamara Andreas, to develop your assistants into a cohesive supportive team.

7) Free Coaching Session: Connirae will offer free 1-hour coaching sessions (phone or e-mail) for the first trainers who get this packet. Connirae will be giving high priority to developing and supporting the next generation of Core Transformation Trainers.

8) Website Listings: You will be eligible to list your trainings on the website.

All of the above materials are made available to you through a lifetime licensing agreement. You can use them for all of your trainings, with no additional royalties due to us, ever.

Your Investment: $700 one-time fee, plus actual shipping costs. Often similar Trainer Packets are licensed for 3-5 times this amount. We have chosen to price this packet low enough to make it affordable to anyone seriously interested in offering CT Trainings, yet high enough that there is some chance Connirae & Tamara will be (partly) reimbursed for their extensive time commitment in providing this for you. Your investment will usually be recovered by the tuition of two participants in your first training.

FAQ: Questions? Click here for Connirae’s answers to frequently asked questions about the Trainer Materials Packet.

Trainer Manual newly revised and updated, March 2008.

NOTE: This Trainer Material’s Packet is not sold through this store, but rather through individual licensing agreement. We include it here as a convenience for Trainers wanting to know more about this program.

To ORDER: E-mail us at to receive a copy of the licensing agreement, and ordering procedure. Find out how you can be part of the new Core Transformation Training Team.


5 of 5 Stars!Harmon Chang, 04/22/2008
I purchased this packet way before it is available on-line here. The packet includes a lot of useful materials. I conduct the Core Transformation workshop in Mandarin in Taiwan. With this packet's help, many of my participants gave me positive feedbacks on the workshop as well as the participant manual. They said it is one of the most comprehensive manuals they have ever got from any NLP workshop. The trainer manual and the rest materials (e.g. sample training recording on CD) help me a lot on preparing the workshop. Connirae is so willing to help me out of any challenge I encounter. The packet and her coaching increase the possibility of success of my workshop inevitably. If you intend to conduct Core Transformation workshop, I highly recommend you to have this trainer materials packet.
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