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Core Transformation & Related Learning Materials

This is a complete list of resources for using these life-changing processes: Aligning Perceptual Positions, Core Transformation, and Parental Timeline Reimprinting, including links to make it easy for you to find each resource.

The Book:
Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within

by Connirae Andreas & Tamara Andreas
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The Home DVD Program:
Core Transformation: The Full 3-Day Workshop

Taught by Tamara Andreas
Your in-home resource for experiencing the benefits from three life-changing processes: Aligning Perceptual Positions, Core Transformation, and Parental Timeline Reimprinting. Over 7 hours on 4 DVD's, plus detailed Manual & Workbook.
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The Trainer Materials Packet
An extensive Trainer Manual and more. These resources will help you offer the highest quality trainings to others.
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Seminars & Personal Coaching Sessions
Visit for a listing of live seminars, and the team of highly-skilled trainers and coaches.

Video and Audio Demonstrations of Core Transformation & Related Processes by Connirae Andreas:
The following are all available from us. Click on the yellow "Core Transformation" tab at the left.

1. Aligning Perceptual Positions: Demonstration (Video Download, 77 min.)
2. Core Transformation: A demonstration with Rodger (Video Download, 44 min.) A simple and powerful example of CT.
3. Core Transformation: An advanced demonstration with Diane (Video Download, 100 min.) A more intricate example showing skillful and heartful ways to work with objections.
4. Parental Timeline Reimprinting: (Video Download, 43 min.) Demonstration with a woman who had an alcoholic parent.
5. The Aligned Self: A four-day audio seminar including CT, PTR, APP, and another process, Eye Movement Integration.
6. Spirituality in NLP: A one-hour (67 min.) audio introduction to CT.

Aligning Perceptual Positions

Visit for more articles about Core Transformation.


The Core Transformation Story Connirae gives her personal account of how she developed Core Transformation. Begins with a fascinating story of her experience with Milton H. Erickson.

History of the Development of Core Transformation and Aligning Perceptual Positions This article gives detailed dates for everything.

Other References:
There is a listing for Core Transformation in Robert Dilts' Encyclopedia of NLP. It's extremely short though--it basically just mentions that there is a book on CT, which works at the spiritual and identity levels.

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