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About Real People Press
Owned and operated by Steve and Connirae Andreas, Real People Press is a publishing company with the mission of making high quality NLP books, CDs, and DVDs available to anyone. Steve and Connirae initially featured works of the original NLP developers, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, which they edited into book form from seminar transcripts. They continue adding original works by those who have extended NLP in unique and useful ways.

Steve originally founded the company in 1967, because he wanted to make available cutting edge books in the realm of personal change and growth. Starting with books by Carl Rogers and Fritz Perls, Real People Press books have all been about relationships, therapy, human potential, and personal growth, even when occasionally the primary focus was t'ai chi movement or music performance. Since 1979, Steve and Connirae Andreas together have centered all their new publications in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Steve and Connirae are now hosting innovative, live trainings in NLP, held in Colorado, USA. Check the Andreas NLP Trainings website for more details.

Additional DVD and CD demonstrations of NLP processes by both Connirae Andreas and Steve Andreas are available through NLP Comprehensive.

In addition to the NLP books, CDs, and DVDs available through this site, Steve Andreas is editor of the book, NLP: the New Technology of Achievement, available through or NLP Comprehensive

Go to Steve's website, to learn more about him, and also for a wealth of free articles and NLP information. He's also listed on

For more about Connirae, visit, the website for her Core Transformation process and Training Calendar. For Connirae's biography, visit NLP Comprehensive's page.

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