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Classic NLP Video & Audio
Timeless NLP classics, remastered from the original VHS and audio cassettes to modern media formats and digital downloads.
   A Strategy for Responding to Criticism - video download   A Strategy for Responding to Criticism - video download 
Learn how to take feedback comfortably without blowing your stack or feeling bad. In a demonstration with a young man who takes criticism much too personally, Steve teaches a technique that allows a person to hear criticism, decide whether or not it has merit, and choose comfortably what - if anything - to do about it. 39 minutes, 39 seconds. Download this classic video for $39. more >>>
   Advanced Language Patterns - audio digital download   Advanced Language Patterns - audio digital download 
In this popular audio program, Connirae Andreas elegantly teaches and demonstrates some of the most powerful linguistic patterns developed in NLP. By practicing these Advanced Language Patterns, you will learn a range of new ways to usefully communicate in everyday life. Not only are these skills a must for coaches, therapists, teachers, and sales professionals, they are also useful for parents, husbands, ministers, managers, and anyone who uses words to communicate (no offense intended to m... more >>>
   Aligning Perceptual Positions - video download   Aligning Perceptual Positions - video download 
What do you really want? How do you really feel? Are your answers colored by what someone else wants or feels? What do you think your friend wants or feels? Is your answer to this latter question unduly influenced by what you want or feel? Connirae Andreas demonstrates the Aligning Perceptual Positions process, which enhances a person's ability to see clearly from three perceptual positions - self, other, and observer - without contamination from another position or from past situations. 1 hour,... more >>>
   Building Self Concept - video download   Building Self Concept - video download 
Beyond Self-Esteem, the power of the self-concept in motivating and directing a person's behavior has been recognized for years. This pattern, developed by Steve and Connirae Andreas, uses submodalities to elicit the existing structure of self-concept, and then build a new one with the same structure. In this demonstration Peter learned how to think of himself as lovable, and the wide-ranging impact of this change is demonstrated in follow-up interviews with Peter and his wife. (42 minutes, 32 s... more >>>
   Changing Timelines - video download   Changing Timelines - video download 
Timelines (the way people "code" time) are one of the more easily understood models in NLP. Useful for problem solving, the model is also very useful in setting goals and creating the motivation to achieve those goals. Timelines can provide answers to many situations including being preoccupied with the past or unable to remember the past, repeating past mistakes, or feeling depressed. Connirae Andreas demonstrates how to modify timelines to help people achieve the results they want in life. ... more >>>
   Core Transformation - A Demonstration with Roger - video download   Core Transformation - A Demonstration with Roger - video download 
A Demonstration of the Process with Connirae Andreas, Developer. See a basic example of the Core Transformation process in action as Connirae Andreas helps Roger resolve writer's block. Connirae guides Roger in discovering the positive purpose within this limitation. Then this positive purpose becomes an asset that helps Roger make the changes he wants. You'll also view brief examples of using Core Transformation with job security and relationship issues. Comes with a 6-page PDF handout fo... more >>>
   Fast Phobia & Trauma Relief - video download   Fast Phobia & Trauma Relief - video download 
In seven minutes, Steve helps a client eliminate an intense, 20-year phobia of bees. One year later, Steve tests this therapeutic intervention by bringing a bottle of bees into her house and letting a few of them loose. The technique works for more pervasive phobias/traumas, too. This video includes a follow-up interview with a Vietnam War veteran who overcame post-traumatic stress syndrome and a phobia of Asian people in one session with Connirae. This is an example of real mastery of NLP... more >>>
   Forgiving Parents - video download   Forgiving Parents - video download 
Virginia counsels Linda, a woman who holds anger and resentment toward her mother (feels her mother is too critical). Using a "tableau" (guided skit), Satir helps Linda view her parents and mother's family of origin in a more understanding, compassionate way. This enables the client to forgive her mother. This tape includes a follow-up interview (three years later) that shows the extensive and lasting impact of this therapeutic work. 72 minutes. You'll want to consider getting the book ... more >>>
      Future Pacing - audio download 
Future Pacing: Programming yourself now to remember later Connirae and Steve Andreas In the mid 1980's we posed the following question to an NLP practitioner training:
"If, right now, you think of something that you want to do later,
how do you program yourself, so that in fact you will do it at the appropriate time?"
We gathered a variety of different responses from participants, noted the advantages and disadvantages of each, ext... more >>>
   Parental Timeline Reimprinting - video download   Parental Timeline Reimprinting - video download 
Parental Timeline Reimprinting is included in most Core Transformation seminars and is a powerful method for using our Core States to heal our past, even in very troubled circumstances; making it a wonderful compliment to use with the Core Transformation process. This video includes a training demonstration by Connirae Andreas of Parental Timeline Reimprinting with a woman whose father was an alcoholic, and includes a follow-up interview. 43 minutes. Supporting titles: Aligning Perceptual... more >>>
   Positive Parenting I & II - video download   Positive Parenting I & II - video download 
Connirae Andreas shows you ideas and attitudes that make parenting easier, in contrast to the all-too-common assumptions that make parenting needlessly difficult. Discover how to create and maintain a more loving, nurturing environment for your children. Learn simple ways to solve problems, redirect your child in a positive fashion, resolve conflict between siblings, and much more! Professionally presented by Connirae Andreas, this program formerly on two VHS tapes is now available as two .m... more >>>
   Resolving Grief - video download   Resolving Grief - video download 
It is possible to resolve grief relatively quickly, using a method developed by Steve and Connirae Andreas. In this classic video demonstration, Connirae Andreas will show you how as she works with a man who recently faced the death of his infant son. She demonstrates a technique you can use with job, relationship, or any other type of loss. 54 minutes. Note: Viewers need prior NLP experience to benefit from this tape. Download as a single 738.4 MB .m4v video file. As this demonstration was... more >>>
   Resolving Shame - video download   Resolving Shame - video download 
Experts acknowledge shame as a root cause of many difficulties - including alcoholism, drug abuse, and codependence. Steve Andreas examines the structure of shame, then demonstrates a rapid method for resolving shame and regaining a sense of self-esteem. Note: Viewers need prior NLP experience to benefit from this tape. Download as a single 442.7 MB .m4v video file, 32m 42s. As this demonstration was originally on VHS, expect the recording quality and fashion sensibilities to reflect the ag... more >>>
   Six Step Reframing - video download   Six Step Reframing - video download 
Part of me wants to do this, but another part is not sure. You've probably heard this before, and maybe you've even said it. The "part" that's not sure is usually "not sure" for an important reason. Use six-step reframing to examine such internal dialogue, evaluate internal objections and concerns. Connirae teaches this technique with a woman who wants to stop smoking. The video concludes with a follow-up interview. 72 minutes, 817.7MB .m4v video file, exclusively available as a digital downl... more >>>
   Successful Parenting - audio download   Successful Parenting - audio download 
Learn the Secrets of Successful Parenting and The Language Patterns Successful Parents (and Business People) Know How to Use (To our surprise, people have told us they have found this material very valuable in dealing with "childish behavior" in the workplace!) Toddlers throw tantrums, preschoolers jump on the bed, and a little girl defiantly announces... "I'll do it myself." These are scenes most of us can relate to. And often 'childish behavior' continues in t... more >>>
   The Aligned Self - audio download   The Aligned Self - audio download 
Gain specific methods for resolving life issues, coping with day-to-day stresses, improving relationships, changing unwanted feelings, and overcoming limitations that keep you from getting what you want. This advanced audio program covers the following NLP topics: Aligning Perceptual Positions, Core Transformation, Parental Timeline Reimprinting, and the NLP Eye Movement Integrator. These techniques are generally useful for making a wide variety of changes, from weight loss, emotional ... more >>>
   The Decision Destroyer - audio download   The Decision Destroyer - audio download 
The "Decision Destroyer" is recognized as one of the more impactful sumbodalities patterns, enabling you to accomplish reimprinting more rapidly and more thoroughly. This program teaches you how to create robust personally-compelling resources and put them into your personal history before you needed them. When these resources are brought forward through time, all of the problem-related experiences are suddenly re-evaluated in a useful, even positive way. Regarded as powerful and transforma... more >>>
   The Forgiveness Pattern - audio download   The Forgiveness Pattern - audio download 
This audio program presents a very effective process for dealing with anger and resentment - and reaching a state of forgiveness. (Note: In this live recording, the group comments and demonstration subject are barely audible. However, Steve's clear, step-by-step presentation and the enclosed written outline make up for the deficiencies in the sound.) This classic audio recording was originally available on audiocassette, then CD, and now digital download. In this digital download versi... more >>>
   The Identity Process - A Demonstration with Diane - video download   The Identity Process - A Demonstration with Diane - video download 
A "core state" is a state of being. It is not something you do or achieve (success). It's not something you get from others (appreciation) or even yourself (self-appreciation). It is not something you know (wisdom). And it is not a specific emotion. In this "Demonstration with Diane," Connirae shows how to include and work with objections. You'll see how these objections are met sensitively and skillfully so that by the end of the session each "objection" enhances the work substantially. Grap... more >>>
   The Last Straw Threshold Pattern   The Last Straw Threshold Pattern 
When someone says emphatically, "Never again!" or "That's it!" or "I've had it!" (usually accompanied by some kind of definitive slicing hand gesture) that indicates that they have reached a threshold, and are ready to take action to make a change in their lives. However, they may reach this threshold, take action, and then continue in the same habit, relationship, or other behavior. But after doing this repeatedly a certain number of times, they may go over the threshold, whic... more >>>
   The Swish Pattern - video download   The Swish Pattern - video download 
The Swish Pattern is a rapid, effective intervention for modifying habits and feelings. Includes two demonstrations by Steve and Connirae Andreas. Steve helps one client eliminate a nailbiting habit. A second Swish demonstration features a woman who felt rage when her daughter used a certain tone of voice. Connirae assists her in adopting a new, more appropriate response to her daughter's communications. 72 minutes, 948.1MB .m4v video file, exclusively available as a digital download. ... more >>>
   Virgina Satir Video - 1985 NLP Keynote   Virgina Satir Video - 1985 NLP Keynote 
This rare look at one of the greatest family therapists of all time will help you to...
  • Develop an incredibly flexible range of responses to any situation,
  • Grow out of rigid role-plays and into your authentic being,
  • Become a model of resourcefulness for your clients, friends, and family!
Don't settle for less than your best! Take a sneak peek into the mind of one of the original sources for NLP modeling with this special DVD or digital download...availa... more >>>
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